Our Dog Walking and Pet Care Services are more than trading dollars for time. We offer flexibility, availability and quality guarantees provided by certified Pet Care Specialists to benefit you and your pet.
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It's a Different World with new Expectations

​Since 2009, ExecuPets has taken care of a total of over 600 pets from many different families. We have always had their best well-being in mind. That doesn't stop at the end of the leash. We know our fur-clients' families are incredibly important too. After all, we wouldn't be here without them!

For the pets, we have certified and trained our incredible staff in pet behavior and health signals and for our human clients we're taking the extra precautions to maintain a safe and healthy company and clientele. You'll notice us wearing masks inside and when social distancing isn't as easy as it is to accomplish in wide open areas. We'll limit the use of client-provided equipment and use our own. We have also implemented quick-pick-up guidelines for our fur clients where possible. We love our entire pack, humans included.

We hope that you will feel comfortable and safe in allowing us to check off that one "to-do" that we can do for you... get Fido out on a nice walk, allow for the relieving to happen and return a happy, healthy dog back to your home.

This will allow that extra time you need to finish that zoom meeting, check on the kids' school work, or just breathe a little easier knowing that one task is DONE.

Services Designed For You

All services include everything that you would expect to do as a pet parent. Feeding, fresh water, treats (all if desired), medication if needed etc.

Dog Walking
Pet Sitting
Pet Nutrition
Dog Walking
Standard - 30 Minute Walk

Great for small to medium dogs and families with up to 2 dogs.

Extended - 45 Minute Walk
Perfect for medium to large dogs and energetic breeds.
Executive - 60 Minute Walk

Excellent for large to giant breeds and very active or working dogs. Also great for families with multiple dogs. 60 min walks can be split for up to 3 dogs at one time.

After 6pm
Additional Dogs (after first 2)
Dog Walk Memberships

Turn any walk length into a monthly membership of 3, 4 or 5 walks per week, Monday through Friday and save. Mix and Match to create your own.

Prices vary depending on service selection and frequency, but generally you'll save up to $2/walk (or up to $64 a month).

+$5 each

Pet Sitting
30 Minute Pet Sitting Visit
60 Minute Pet Sitting Visit

Overnight Stay-In Pet Care
$85 per night
Pet Sitting Bulk Purchase Packages
  • 25 Visits @ $600
  • 50 Visits @ $1150

Pet Nutrition

Please visit our partner pawTree @ https://www.pawtree.com/execupets for high quality, small batch pet food and other supplement products to create the best life for your fur-family.