Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Our Cleveland Area Families

03.16.2020 09:37 AM Comment(s)

Dear ExecuPets Families,

I hope you’re hanging in there. As ExecuPets owner, I’m writing to keep our Cleveland area pet families in the loop on things here as we face Coronavirus Covid-19 worries in Cleveland and around the world. I want to ease your hearts and let you know what precautions we’re taking. Thank you to those who’ve reached out to us in the spirit of unbreakable solidarity.

First and foremost, I hope you and your pets are healthy and staying strong emotionally and physically. Our mission is to provide "Pawsitively Purrfect" pet care at an Executive Level of service. Safety is a huge part of that mission. I’m very glad that our team’s been able to keep your families and each other safe and loved all this time, and we’re not about to quit now.

Keeping Safe:

As outlined in our Thursday March 12, 2020 email sent to all of our clients entitled "Our Company and COVID-19 Preparedness", we are continuing to take these Business Precautions:

Our work with your pets is highly independent. Even though we work "as a team" we don't necessarily work "IN a team". Even our meetings or one on ones are already via online technology. As such, our exposure to illness via our work is very limited. If you are asked to work from home (and are not ill) we can still help you to get your work done while we get Fido outside for a good, healthy walk (and get those zoomies and barkies out so you can focus on being productive).

However, as your trusted Pet Care Specialists, please know that we are doing everything we can to keep a safe and healthy environment for YOU, your pets, and our employees. It’s one thing
to worry about yourself and your family with the spread of disease, but it adds another
layer when you have a business to run and staff members to think about.

How we’re keeping our employees healthy…

To keep YOU safe, we’re encouraging our staff members to stay home 
if they’re feeling ill. We’re also mindful to provide things around the office and to
our staff individual to encourage healthy habits; from hand sanitizer to alcohol wipes, we strive to provide a healthy and happy environment. 

In running a pet sitting/dog walking business, we know that our employees need to be
super cognizant not to spread germs from house to house. Our basic protocol is for pet
sitters and dog walkers to always wash their hands at the beginning and end of each

As a business owner, my job isn’t to create panic but I do want to be mindful of the
situation, not jump to conclusions, but be ready to take action.

Policy for cancellation of Acts of God

An “Act of God” is a legal term for events outside of human control, such as sudden
floods or other natural disasters, for which no one can be held responsible. While
illness is an unusual reason for declaring this policy, it certainly isn’t out of bounds.
As our loyal client, if you have to cancel pet sitting services last-minute due to COVID-19 and travel changes, we’ll work with you on any refunds/rescheduling. We ask that you please let us know sooner rather than later – and if you believe someone in your home or your pet to be ill, we’d prefer
you to cancel any services you have booked.

Living Thankful
We are incredibly thankful for those who are being asked to work from home and are still allowing us to see your pets!
An email I received earlier today let us know of a trip cancellation but that client asked us to keep the charge as they didn't want our business to suffer. This was INCREDIBLY thoughtful. Our Pet Care Specialists live to care for animals and caring for them IS their life - and livelihood. THANK YOU!

Showing Up for You

Just as importantly, I wanted to update you on my team who are devoted to our families. I’ve never been more proud of any team in all the years we’ve been in business. We are united, serving, proactive, positive and, above all, loyal to our families and our company.

Taking Care of Cleveland

You’re all incredible people, and my team and I feel lucky to know you. Your commitment to local business is what makes our area great. We thank you for choosing local business every single day. Our community will be fine if we take care of each other.  Cleveland Cares!
We’ve been down scary roads before, but I believe we’re tough! And, as Americans, we always come together in thought an strength to overcome what's thrown at us.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if there’s anything more we can do to support your families during these trying times. Be safe, and take care of yourselves and love your pets!

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