Top 10 Things You Can Do To Care for Paw Pad Injuries

07.15.2016 08:44 AM Comment(s)
  1. Ensure you carry a Pet First Aid kit on your person while on your walks.paw_pad_injury
  2. If you pet is injured, ensure it is safe to assist. This may mean using a muzzle or making a home-made muzzle. If needed, ask a bystander for assistance.
  3. Wipe away the edges of the wound using an antiseptic wipe. If available, rinse the wound with sterile water and anti-bacterial first aid soap such as Chlorhexidine to sterilize the area.
  4. If wound is bleeding use sterile gauze pads or cloth and apply pressure.
  5. Add additional gauze (or cloth if you don’t have any) on top of initial gauze pads if bleeding continues.
  6. Cover your bandage with a gauze roll wrapped around the gauze pads. Ensure the pads are completely covered.
  7. Complete bandage using medical tape to secure it.
  8. Check the bandage regularly for signs of swelling as it may have been applied too tight. If it is, simply unroll it part way and reroll it more loosely.
  9. It is always advisable to seek Veterinary care after an injury. This is especially true if there is any question at all about how serious the injury may be, if the pads are not healing, or there are signs of infection.
  10. Change bandages as regularly and as recommended by your Veterinarian.