There are myriad motivations behind writing: money, fame, image, art, entertainment, self-expression, etc. While I studied writing at both a creative and professional level, intending to write creatively in my spare time and spend forty hours a week writing professionally to earn an income, I have d...

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Over the last few years a number of companies have branded themselves in a variety ways to portray them as "the next best thing" in pet care - and mostly targeted dog owners, but have not left any other pets - or in their case, income streams - unforgotten.

Now, in the effort of full-disc...

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It is such an exciting (and maybe nervous) time getting a new pet. You've looked all over and contemplated what you want in a pet and what the perfect match might be for you and your family. There are so many things to consider when bringing your new pet home or preparing to. Here is an easy Top 10 ...

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  1. Ensure you carry a Pet First Aid kit on your person while on your walks.paw_pad_injury
  2. If you pet is injured, ensure it is safe to assist. This may mean using a muzzle or making a home-made muzzle. If needed, ask a bystander for assistance.
  3. Wipe away the edges of the wound using an antiseptic wipe. If available, ri...
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