Inclement Weather Policy - Summer

06.20.2016 07:13 PM Comment(s)
Executive Pet Services is always trying to look to the best interests of our client's pets and that of our human team members as well. Considering this, as a policy when temperatures or heat indexes rise above 95F we modify outside type visits (dog walks, etc.) to a short "potty break" and then spend the remainder of the time engaging with them, and generally getting their mind's going and body active. ALSO, when we are forecast to see severe weather, such as tornados or flooding, we do make all scheduled visits, however, the timing may not fall within our typical time frame of arrival due to slow or dangerous travel conditions. In this type of weather we prioritize visits as follows: 

Priority 1:Pets on LIFE SUPPORTING medications - these visits must be made as close as possible to the regular time frame. Other visits may have to be moved to earlier or later in the day to accommodate these visits. 
Priority 2:Dogs (non-life support meds & non - medicated) - Dogs obviously require more interaction in the sense that a human typically needs to take them somewhere to potty (as opposed to cats and caged animals) - these visits should fall as close as possible to typical time frames but will not hinder a visit(s) for pets in priority 1 category. 
Priority 3:Cats and Small animals (non-life support meds & non - medicated) - cats and caged animals are very self sufficient. They are able to relieve themselves and are generally OK for longer periods of time without human involvement. The visit will still be made but timing may be significantly affected.

We also ask that you take a moment to make sure that the emergency contact information we have for you is updated and correct. IT IS EXTREMELY RARE for us not to be able to complete a visit at all. This would typically happen during or after a natural disaster such as tornados, floods, or blizzards. Thank you for your time and consideration of this message.