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Dear ExecuPets Families,

I hope you’re hanging in there. As ExecuPets owner, I’m writing to keep our Cleveland area pet families in the loop on things here as we face Coronavirus Covid-19 worries in Cleveland and around the world. I want to ease your hearts and let you know what precautions we’re tak...

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With Coronavirus in the news, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the facts. While
it can be scary to read about, this post is meant to inform over anything else. I want
you, your pets, and everyone in your life to be happy and healthy. Let’s jump in and
address what we know right now:

Let’s start wi...

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Hello Pet Parents!

We have an (2) important updates that we wanted to let you know are happening effective November 1, 2019.

Dog Walking Base Rates:

Executive Membership 
(5+ Walks/Wk, 20/Mo Min.)
Lite Membership
(3+ Walk/Wk, 12/mo Min.)
Ad Hoc / Non-Member
As needed
30 Min Dog Walk222324
45 Min Dog Wa...
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A lot of us who have pets—dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, lizards, or whatever—tend to think of them as family, if not children with fur, feathers, or scales. Even then, as much as we love our pets, we can all tend to get swept up in our day-to-day work, errands, and activities. This ...

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Imagine the perfect place.

All your favorite foods are there…drinks hot and cold…soothing music…sunshine over a grassy plain…and the best part?

Dogs. Dogs everywhere.


Big dogs, little dogs, puppy dogs, senior dogs, playful dogs, gentle dogs, athletic dogs, clumsy dogs...They’re socializing with...

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Check out this under 5 min video to see how quickly you can schedule one or multiple services with Executive Pet Services. We'll also show some options you can add along the way!

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Small caged animals like rabbits and guinea pigs are often considered “starter” pets, as people tend to think of them as being low-maintenance creatures requiring little time and attention. People who have never had pets or who are looking for something for their kids to care for often get rabbits a...

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There’s a lot to love about our canine companions, but let’s be honest: there’s also a lot to be frustrated by. On the one hand, you have puppies, which, though at their most malleable, are typically at a dog’s most uncooperative point of life. On the other hand, you have senior dogs, which, though ...

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Being a pet care specialist entails spending slivers of each day with different dogs and cats. Most of our visits last about thirty minutes, which means that we are only present for a small portion of the pet’s daily life. Oftentimes, we don’t get to focus on the “fun stuff” with these pets, like pl...

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Watching your pup get older can be rough, even if they manage to age fairly gracefully and with minimal issues. Your senior dog may have limited energy and mobility, and they likely spend more time sleeping. You may find yourself in a position where you want to enjoy the time you have with your dog,...

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There are myriad motivations behind writing: money, fame, image, art, entertainment, self-expression, etc. While I studied writing at both a creative and professional level, intending to write creatively in my spare time and spend forty hours a week writing professionally to earn an income, I have d...

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Every good dog parent wants the best for their pooch. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have responsibilities and passions pulling us away from our pups for several hours a day, or we would at least be able to bring them with us everywhere as we handle our human lives. However, we require jobs to, at ...

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Okay, Cleveland, much like in Game of Thrones, it is time for us to accept that winter is here. We’ve already seen snippets of snow and temperatures have shifted to the colder side of the spectrum most days. Not only do we need to be making preparations for our pets when they go outdoors, but we sho...

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Recently you may have read about my opinions, supported by facts, regarding tech companies posing as pet care services. If not, you can, if you'd like HERE.) Unfortunately, the tech companies won't stop at their sort of "scam", if you will. I've quoted SCAM as it is perfectly legal what t...

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